I would like to do an internship at your institutes, but haven’t experienced any significant difficulties constraining my future education. Can I still apply?

Yes, you may apply. However, applicants that can demonstrate significant constraints and comparable qualifications receive preferential status. Given the number of applications we receive, we recommend that you instead send an unsolicited application to your lab of interest.

I have graduated with a master’s degree a couple of years ago (and haven’t started a PhD yet). Am I eligible to apply?

If you haven’t started your PhD by the time the internship will run, you are eligible to apply. It is not a problem if you are not a recent graduate.

Does my background in [some subject] fit the programme?

We do not apply strict criteria on which study programmes are eligible for this internship. If your scientific interests lie in one of the fields researched at our institutes and you acquired relevant skills during your studies / professional experience that meet the requirements for the projects you are applying to, you are eligible to apply.

What are the English language proficiency requirements? And do I need to provide a language certificate (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc) with my application?

We require a good command of the English language such that you can fluently communicate with your project supervisor and colleagues, follow scientific talks and read scientific literature in English. A useful reference may be an overall TOEFL score of 95 points or above. However, we do not require you to provide any certificates but will assess your English proficiency based on your application and interviews.


I am stateless, which nationality should I provide?

Please enter your country of residence and provide information on your situation in your application (e.g. as an additional document or, if applicable, explain the circumstances in the essay on factors that negatively impact your career).

Is it a problem if I cannot provide a reference letter?

No, the reference letter is optional and you can apply to the programme without one. If you supply one however, it will be considered during selection.

If I do have a reference letter, how is it uploaded?

If you plan to submit a reference letter, your chosen referee will not be contacted automatically to upload their letter. Instead, you can find a link in the very first registration email you got when you first signed into the portal. Please do not forget to send this link to your referee on time.

Can I apply to the programme a second time?

Once your application was successful and you have been an intern in the CaCTüS Internship programme, you cannot apply for a second internship. If your application has not been accepted so far, you are encouraged to apply again, although no preference is given to students who have applied previously.

I am currently enrolled in a bachelor / master degree, which transcripts should I provide?

Please provide transcripts from all the terms you have already completed. You do not need to provide your grades from the term you are currently undertaking and have not yet finished.

Do I have to translate all my transcripts into English?

Yes. The coordinating team and scientists reviewing your application will need to be able to read your transcripts and English is the only language that all of them will understand. Those can be translated by yourself. You should, however, be aware that in the case of acceptance you will need official translations (e.g. for visa procedures).

I have completed my application form for the internship programme and have filled all mandatory fields but cannot submit my application.

Previously, applicants have faced issues submitting their application through a mobile phone – please make sure that you have access to a computer / laptop when submitting your application. Please also check that you have attached all documents in pdf.-format.

After logging out of the application portal, I cannot log in again, because I cannot find a log in button.

If you want to log in again to check the status of your application or to edit your application, you will find the link to the login page in the very first email we sent to you after your registration.

I am attempting to submit my application but the portal appears closed. Can I still apply?

In the interest of fairness, we stick to closing dates and do not consider late applications.


Can I work on my own project during the internship?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring and work on your own project during the internship. Projects need to be selected from the ones proposed by the institutes at the time of application.

Is it best to apply to just one project? Or are my chances better if I apply to three?

Neither. We will evaluate whether your skills and interest match those required for the projects you select. You should thus apply to exactly those projects that are suitable for you.

Visa, Travel, and Accommodation

Do I have to use the accommodation recommended by the internship programme?

Yes. The programme provides certain places because they are nice and affordable.

How do I apply for a visa / can you provide me with the documents I need for my visa?

You will be required to apply for your visa yourself. Upon acceptance you will be contacted by our Welcome Officers who will assist you with the process.

Does the programme cover my visa fees?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to cover visa fees. However, the programme includes a salary that covers living expenses, health insurance and accommodation as well as a compensation for travel costs.

Do I need a Covid-19 vaccine to travel to Germany?

Regulations are subject to constant change. However, we expect that, just as in 2023, you can enter without a vaccination, even though it is recommended. However, if you are entering via third countries, regulations may vary depending on the specific nation. We advise to be vaccinated (with three doses of EU-approved vaccines) to avoid any travel-related issues and visa application complications. Failing to do so may result in an applicant being unable to participate in the programme if they cannot complete their vaccination status in time.


Where do the internships take place, and can they be virtual?

The internship will take place in Tübingen and Stuttgart at the participating institutes. We are not offering virtual internships.

Can I still attend courses at my home university during the internship?

The internship is full-time. However, in agreement with your supervisor you may attend other courses, events or activities during the working hours.